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Success in CRE Step 1: Return the Call

One of the top ten ways that one can be successful in commercial real estate industry is returning the phone call.

A common complaint among commercial real estate clients and customers is that their agents are always on their phone – but never call them back!

This is ironic considering how relationship-focused the real estate industry is. As agents, you are busy especially during peak times of the year. You are probably running around meeting clients, working with inspectors, negotiating deals and meeting with attorneys.

Think about this, if a client or customer calls you (or sends you a text or email) about one of your properties, but you are “too busy” to answer them in a timely manner they may end up reaching out to a different agent who is going to return their call quicker.

Even if you do not think that you have time to adequately answer their questions – just return their phone call to schedule a time that would work for both of you.

Forbes did a study that tested over 10,000 companies over the course of five years that showed salesmen do not respond fast enough to leads. The study showed that an average sales rep took 46 hours and 53 minutes to respond to a lead! On average the salesman would only make 1.3 attempts to call that client before “throwing in the towel” and moving on.

When agents call back immediately, they are typically still on the mind of the caller. Whereas if they wait hours, or even days they may have already found answers or solutions to the issue at hand.

Click here to view the analysis.


Nobody is perfect, but it is important to work on returning calls as soon as possible so that you can strengthen relationships with clients, make more connections, and grow your business.

Our office-side chat series is lead by Chris Pascucci. Chris is Managing Director for SVN The Masiello Group.

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