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When Cold Calling Works...

A Case Study on how collaboration within SVN Masiello works

In July of 2022 Dolly Smith listed a space to lease in an office building on Amherst street in Nashua, NH. Being a brand-new agent to both SVN The Masiello Group and to commercial brokerage in general, she needed some support.  Our Managing Director, Chris Pascucci, told her about a building in the area that is up for sale. “When there is a sale, tenants get nervous that their rent will go up with new owners and they might be looking for a new space where they can get the price they want. He told me, ‘Go knock on some doors.’ And that’s where I started” explained Dolly.

Dolly was faced with the challenge of the building being under the property management of the current owner still, the sale not yet closing. This means she couldn’t just knock on the doors; she had to do her research and call these tenants one by one. Being new to this business, cold calling and knocking on doors is a skill you have to perfect. This was an amazing opportunity for Dolly to put that work to the test.

Casey Cheshire of RingMaster LLC, a full- service B2B Podcast creation company, was the one that called her back. But there was just one problem… he still had a few months on his lease. She convinced him to look at the space anyway, noting that the current space he had was too small for his growth plans, but he still needed time to think. In the meantime, Casey had hired a handful of new employees. He realized even with a few months left on his lease, he couldn’t pass up the bigger space and better location that Dolly had showed him. From the time of her first call to when RingMaster, LLC signed the new lease only 45 days had passed.

Dolly says that without a bit of direction from Chris, a broker with 25+ years of experience and a vast knowledge of CRE in the area, she might have been spinning her wheels waiting for leads to come to her. The SVN Masiello team is unique, collaborating from within to make sure everyone is successful. This is one of the many reasons Dolly chose SVN The Masiello Group in the first place citing “No matter what I need or which direction I'm going in, there's always someone to help me out...”

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